About Us

Elkai (Incantations) is a family-run business focused on providing alternative, hippie, boho fashion and jewellery to customers of all ages. We are committed to designing quality products to help you express your sense of creativity and individuality. From every-day wear to festival fashion we have options for the most and least conservative!
Elkai Clothing is ethically handmade across the globe- we pride ourselves on supporting small businesses and communities, making friends and meeting families. 
Originally founded in 1992 under the name Incantations, in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia, our business grew and a sister store named Elkai was opened. Unfortunately due to many circumstances including bushfires, floods and covid-19 this second storefront, and my personal passion project, was forced to close. Out of the figurative ashes, our online platform blossomed. Now, in a collaboration of old and new we run under the company name IncaElkai Pty Ltd... and family still comes first!
Over the decades our customers have become our family.... and we always have more love to go around!
Join our tribe and become family 
Shop our range now and Nourish your body and soul!
We can be reached at any time at customercare@elkai.com.au for any inquiries regarding orders, delivery, returns or special requests!