Sterling Silver Raven Pentagram Pendant

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Sterling Silver Raven Pentagram Pendant

This pendant combines two powerful symbols in a beautiful piece of jewellery that can be worn for any occasion.
The pentagram symbolizes life and connections through the five-pointed star. Each point represents something different. The upward point represents the spirit and the remaining four points represent the elements; earth, air, fire and water. The symbol has many different religious affiliations and has also been associated with magic. 
The raven symbolises intelligence, adaptability, partnerships, guidance, transformation, and prophecy. When the raven is your spirit guide, you are blessed with the capacity for powerful insights. The ravens spirit also reminds you to be open to new experiences in your life and to not fear change.


Approx. Dimensions: 28mm in diameter



 Made from 925 Sterling Silver 


  •  Sterling silver jewellery will require periodic cleaning and polishing. Please use a silver, microfiber or other nonabrasive cloths to care for your product
  • Avoid contact with water, such as the ocean, pool, shower, etc
  • Avoid direct contact with perfumes, lotions, and other chemicals


Please Note: Sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time, please follow the care instructions.

Made In Thailand