Organic Tibetan Incense

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Style: Tibetan Monastery

Information from the product package:

"Tibetan Monastery Incense is unique in that it is prepared on the basis of the complicated directions prescribed by Adviser of Tibetan Medicine Incense, burning for prayer offerings and for purification forms a major ritual in Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Monastery Incense is purely handmade from scented medicine herbs and other precious substances. Each incense packet consists of 38 different ingredients. The combination of the centuries old preparation and natural scented herbs makes Tibetan Monastery Incense richer and superlative quality. "

"Himalayan Herbal Incense is collectively made out of various aromatic herbs found in high altitude regions of Tibet and plains of Nepal. This herbal medicated incense is made under strict control of Traditional Tibetan Hand Made Incense following the key instructions of renowned herb masters. This incense is widely used by Buddhists and by others for the purpose of meditation, relaxation, purifying and offerings."

Approx. 45 sticks per packet